Foto Bugil Luna Maya

Posted by Cinder at Saturday, September 19, 2009
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Many people in Indonesia has been relentlessly searched for Foto Bugil Luna Maya or luna maya bugil in the Internet in the past 4 years. You may also heard some rumor about the leaking of Foto Bugil Luna Maya and you would immediately fired up your browser to search the image on Google. Here I found an interesting figure about Foto Bugil Luna Maya searching volume in Indonesia.
According to Google trends, the search volume of Foto Bugil Luna Maya is increasing over the time. The keyword Foto Bugil apparently has been in top rank of the most searched keyword from Indonesia for ages because it’s triggering deepest desire of mans and therefore it won’t be vanished forever.

Although the search volume of Luna Maya didn’t surpassed the search volume of Foto Bugil, but Google trend recorded that the search has just begun about 4 years ago. It was started slowly during the first 2 years but after entering the third year the searching volume steadily increased as people become aware about Luna Maya’s role of Celebrity in Indonesia. Since then, the keyword Foto bugil Luna Maya became popular in The Internet.
One shocking facts about the people who searching the keyword Foto Bugil is that it was not dominated by people from Jakarta which has easier access to the Internet, but the first position is originated from people of Palembang, the second position for the people of Semarang and the third position from people of Yogyakarta. Congratulation for the people of Palembang because you have achieved the first rank of searching the keyword Foto Bugil.



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