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Posted by Cinder at Tuesday, June 8, 2010
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Issue of video mesum Luna Maya - ariel is still hot, and the fire added with the circulation of video mesum Ariel - Cut Tari. The 50,8MB file size video show Ariel and Cut Tari in a room. Cut Tari wear green dress with black tank top.
The video circulating in online forums and Youtube is have far higher quality then video mesum Ariel - Luna Maya. Looks like it's taken with a better camera than a cellphone camera used in the previous video. The duration is also longer, 8.45 minutes.

From the video metadata, can be seen that the video was taken in November 18, 2006, at 18.18 pm. The circulation of the video makes public hold their breath again. If in the 'Ariel - Luna' video mesum the woman have butterfly (or flower) tattoo, in the video 'Ariel - Cut Tari' the woman is wearing a ring in the left and right small finger.

The man who looks exactly like Ariel is wearing black watch in his left hand. Is this really Ariel and Cut Tari, or just looks very similar? At this time, either Ariel and Cut Tari can't be confirmed.


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